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5 Games Like Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is an easy-to-play but hard to master party game. The gameplay involves a combination of black and white cards, with the white cards asking questions which require filling in a blank to receive points. Meanwhile, the black cards contain statements that people would find offensive or hilarious. Questions and statements are read out by one player, while other players select their favourites to receive points.

It's a game that requires some serious thinking outside of the box, not just when playing but during set-up too. There are thousands of combinations of black and white cards on the market, with fans encouraged to create their own custom collections.

However, what if you don't want to constantly come up with your own questions and statements? Well, there are plenty of alternatives available that will give you the same great experience. Here we look at five games like Cards Against Humanity for PC and Mac users.

Which cards against humanity should i buy to

The base game is excellent for up to 10 players, whereas the NSFW edition comes in at around 100 cards. So if you want several different decks of cards so that lots of different people can play, go for NSFW. If you live in a household with children who shouldn't read the NSFW cards and want to play this game with your parents or other adults, get the base game.

1) Codenames

Codenames offers a different style of play than Cards Against Humanity, but does have a similar sense of humour. The game is played in teams, with players giving clues that will help their team guess the correct keywords to identify cards on the table.

The longer you can keep your team alive by guessing these correctly, the more points you'll score. However, if both words are guessed this will lead to an enemy agent being chosen instead. What makes this even harder is that each team shares a victory point tally, so you not only have to try and guess the correct cards but also avoid your opponents doing the same.

2) Scrawl

Scrawl is similar in style to Pictionary, with players using their own pen and paper to draw images that will help their team guess a word. However, there are plenty of twists to this classic idea.

Firstly, you're not drawing anything but words. Secondly, these can be drawn however players choose – even if that's just a scribble – as long as their team can guess what it is. And finally, the time limit means that all players must constantly be thinking on their feet.

3) The Voting Game

The Voting Game offers a totally different experience to Cards Against Humanity, although you'll still need the same skills to succeed. Here players must guess which of their colleagues has voted for each statement in order to gain points. However, there's more than one rule that will leave you scratching your head.

Firstly, you'll need to consider which players you want to vote for and against. Secondly, there's a wild card that allows certain players to cast votes for both sides of an argument – so always watch out for this Joker! Finally, play it smart by rewarding those who correctly guess your voting pattern – but don't go overboard or you'll lose points.

4) TriBond

While Cards Against Humanity can be played in teams, TriBond is a game that's strictly 1v1. You will need to use your smarts though, as the aim of the game is to identify items that are linked together through all three words on each card. Don't be fooled into thinking that the words are just random either, as there's plenty of thematic meaning behind every answer.

For example, you might be asked to identify items linked by body parts (i.e. muscle, nerve and bone), or even symbiotic relationships (i.e bee, flower and pollen). You'll need to be quick to succeed, but think logically too.


If you are looking to buy Cards Against Humanity but are unsure of how many people will play it at once, I would recommend the Bigger, Blacker Box. As well as including both the base game and NSFW editions of Cards Against Humanity, this edition also comes with several new cards plus blank cards for people to write their own.

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