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4 players can play at once on Wii!

Wii will support from 2 to 4 players, and it's possible for 4 people to play at the same time.

In that way, Wii can be a family entertainment machine as well as a party machine! Wii Sports will have multiplayer mode. Up to 4 players can play together by holding only one controller each.

What is Wii?

I think that this is really cool. I have a big family so being able to play with all my cousins at the same time would be amazing!

Also games like Super Smash Bros are always better when you're playing against other people. It makes it more fun, and keeps things interesting.

This is definitely one of the things I'm looking forward to about Wii.

This is really neat. It would be interesting to see how Nintendo will implement this feature into games considering that you can play against other people with just one controller each!

Games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., etc. all seem like they would work well with 4 players playing simultaneously.

However, none of the games Nintendo has shown off so far support this feature.

I don't think any Wii game will support 4 players until its third party developers start making their own games.

Nintendo Wii 4-Remote Connections

Appearances can be deceiving. When you look at the bottom of the Wii remote, it might even appear that four Wii remotes cannot connect to one another at all.

This is because the plugs are so compacted together. Here's how to set up four remotes:

Make sure that the Wii remote you want to use as a master controller is plugged into an open USB port on your computer.

Plug each additional Wii remote into one of the other open USB ports around your PC.

Turn on your computer and load up the Virtual Wiimote software. You should now see four separate, active Wii remote icons on your screen.

Click on the arrow button in the Virtual Wiimote window to disconnect one of the active remotes from your PC.

Pick up that Wii remote and click and hold down the red sync button at the bottom, next to where you plug it into a Wii console. Hold it down for five seconds or so, then plug the remote back into one of your USB ports.

Repeat this process for each Wii remote you intend to use at a time, always disconnecting a Wii remote from Virtual Wiimote before starting the sync process with another Wii remote plugged in to a different USB port on your PC.

Tips for playing together as a team

Having a Wii is only half the fun. Playing games together as a family or with friends makes gaming even more exciting!

Keep these tips in mind when you're playing multiplayer games to have the best experience possible:

Make sure each player has their own controller and screen so they don't have to share.

Some players might be better at different games, so let them play the ones they're good at.

If you're playing a game with lots of players, make sure there's one person who knows all the best strategies and can lead everyone to victory!

Wii game for 4 players

The Wii game for 4 players will be released at the same time as Nintendo Wii.

It is possible to play with maximum 4 people simultaneously, so it can also be family entertainment machine.

Wii Sports can be played with four people by holding only one controller each.

However, other than that nothing else has been announced yet.

It seems that there are not even plans for this function.


Nintendo Wii will be released at the same time as Nintendo Wii game for 4 players.

It's possible to play with maximum 4 people simultaneously, so it can also be family entertainment machine.

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